Summer Schools

UNIQ Spring and Summer Schools

Biology runs a spring and summer school every year through the University's UNIQ programme. The courses are aimed at students studying in their first year of further education at UK state schools and colleges.

Students apply for a specific course that aims to give them a realistic view of Oxford student life, and they are invited down to Oxford to stay in a college for the week-long course. They attend lectures and seminars in their chosen subject, and workshops about applying to Oxford. Participants also take part in a variety of social activities in the evenings.

The UNIQ Biology course will include visits to Wytham Woods, the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and the Botanic Garden.

For more information as to the UNIQ Schools, visit here.


After taking part in this weeks' lectures and tutorials, my curiosity and passion for biology has been reinforced, reminding me of why I fell in love with biology in the first place. I have never felt so motivated! 

My favourite activities were the tutorials, mock interviews and practicals. They were very comforting because I found them interesting and easy to understand. That made me feel like I could fit in at Oxford.