Contact Us

Our academic leads for biology can be contacted below.

The Heads of Administration and Finance are responsible for managing all of the Department of Biology's administrative and technical teams. 

Our Building Services teams work across biology to ensure that our buildings function, our office and research spaces uphold best health and safety practices, and that internal events and departmental deliveries run smoothly. 

The Communications and Engagement team cover a wide range of activity, including website management, press activity, outreach events, and alumni relations. Please contact, or depending on your query.

The finance team deal with invoices, payments, accounting, and grants. Please contact and to speak with the team about matters relating to finance.

Our Undergraduate Studies team ensure the efficient teaching and organisation of our MBiol degree course.

Our graduate teams currently look after our DPhil students across our departmental research programmes.

The HR team deal with all people-related queries you have, including recruitment, contracts, casual workers and workplace occurences.

Our IT team help us facilitate across our academic, support staff and teaching components of our departments.

Some of our senior academics work closely with Executive Assistants - please check out our wonderful team below.