Wing Yi Chung

Research Interests

My pronouns are she/her

I am interested in marine mammal conservation and studying their interactions with fisheries from an ecosystem perspective. My DPhil research will primarily revolve around projecting the future changes in UK seal populations and assessing the potential impact of seal predation on fish stocks and fisheries catch. To achieve this, I will employ a combination of drone imagery, demographic models, and ecosystem modeling techniques. My previous experience includes working on the monitoring of marine biodiversity and wildlife trade in Hong Kong with forensic tools. Additionally, I had the opportunity to employ a mechanistic ecosystem model to explore the output and composition of global fisheries under varying fishing intensities. I am eager to further explore the intersection of these diverse tools in my future work and I hope to contribute to the understanding of the complex dynamics between marine mammals, fisheries, and overall ecosystem health, ultimately contributing to the sustainable management of our marine resources.

Contact Details
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