Professor Timothy Rutland Walsh DSc OBE

Research Interests

I have been studying antimicrobial resistance (AMR) mechanisms for over 25 years and regularly publish in Nature and Lancet journals. My primary interests are:

  1. The use of antimicrobials in animals and its impact of human clinical failures
  2. The drivers of AMR across all “one-health” sectors
  3. Causes and management of AMR neonatal sepsis and stillbirths in low-middle income countries (LMICs)
  4. The clinical and economic burden of AMR in LMICs

In 2020 I moved to Oxford to help set up the Ineos Oxford Institute of Antimicrobial Research (IOI) and became the IOI Director of Biology. As part of the IOI, my group is primary interested in: A) Developing new non-human antibiotic compounds to use in animals. B) Screening new antimicrobials and inhibitors of AMR for humans medicines. C) Understanding the clinical and economic burden of AMR in LMICs including spatial-temporal analysis of AMR dynamics.

My groups work in many countries across the globe but with a focus on South Asia, Africa and China. We are keen to co-support studentships and fellowships particularly from LMICs.

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