Thomas Pavey

Research Interests

My pronouns are he/him

Conservation action is often grounded in our present or recent understanding of how species behave and/or their current geographic range. However, the rapid landscape changes associated with anthropogenic climate change pose a threat to many of the world's fragile environments. I joined WildCRU in 2022, and my research focuses on how climate change is affecting the habitats of endangered species, with a particular focus on felids. I'm aiming to help rectify the relative deficit in both academia and conservation action regarding the impact rapid climate change will have on organisms by unravelling the processes happening to landscapes as change occurs. This will allow me to predict how landscapes will shift in order to provide the most appropriate strategies to conserve species and manage landscapes as they alter in the future. I'm passionate about "climate-friendly" conservation action and science communication, particularly wildlife film-making/presenting!

If you wish to get in touch or follow my work, either for collaborations, film-making/SciComm opportunities, advice for prospective students or simply for interest, feel free to email or get in touch through one of my social media channels!