Sara Lil Middleton

Research Interests

I used trait-based methods to better understand the effects of drought on a UK grassland. My fieldwork takes place at the RainDrop drought experiment at Wytham Woods, Oxfordshire.

I am interested in using both functional-trait and demographic approaches to understand how different plant communities respond to global environmental change using three study systems: grasslands, tropical forests and invasive plants.  Alongside my PhD, I am a data contributor to the Ecoflora database and I am a committee member for the British Ecological Society Invasion Science Group.

I also manage a social science photography project called Human Nature Stories Project, where I interview members of the public about their attitudes to nature. To date, I have interviewed 90 people in seven different countries. 

I am also a visiting scientist across various primary schools in Oxford, where I deliver interactive sessions on a range of topics from plant biology to life as a scientist.

Affiliations: University of Oxford (UK), Ecological Flora of the British Isles (Ecoflora) (UK)

Outreach: I am a project coordinator for a documentary film on bananas (Bananageddon). The film looks at the socio-economic and environmental issues of current banana production methods and what the future holds for the world’s favourite fruit.

Contact Details