Dr Robert A. Montgomery

Research Interests

Within my laboratory, I work with teams of interdisciplinary students, research associates, and collaborators to design sustainable solutions for some of the most important problems facing coupled natural and human systems globally (e.g., biodiversity loss, habitat fragmentation, climate change, human livelihood improvement, among others).

While the outcomes of my research tend to be applied in nature, the foundation of my work is grounded in ecological theory and pursued via rigorous application and development of novel tools and utilities. Though my research exhibits considerable taxonomic and thematic diversity, a common connector relates to the role of risk in structuring predator-prey and human-animal interactions.

I explore the ways in which a variety of species change their behavior in response to risk and examine how these decisions can scale up to have consequences for conservation and sustainability science. Within this context, I maintain a number of long-term field sites for exploration of these topics and train diverse students to catalyze interdisciplinary collaboration around this research.

Interested students that are keen to advance their career with a degree in zoology via research in my laboratory should email to inquire.

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E: robert.montgomery@biology.ox.ac.uk
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