Dr Rob Salguero-Gómez

Research Interests

My research group (The SalGo Team) has broad interests in Ecology and Evolution. We are currently active on the following research areas: (1) drivers of life history strategies; (2) evolution of and escape from senescence; (3) functional trait ecology; (4) species distributions and habitat suitability modelling; (5) life history oddities and gaps of knowledge; (6) population forecast; (7) comparative demography; (8) development of population modelling methods; and (9) integration of AI and autonomous monitoring (using robots and UAVs) for ecological monitoring.

The ultimate motivation of my research group, to identify global rules of Ecology and Evolution, is supported by the interdisciplinary approaches that we use, which include biochemical analyses, ecophysiological experiments, and analyses of species' life cycles. These approaches include field and lab work, as well as computational work.

My research group typically contains 3-6 postdocs, 3-6 DPhil students, 1-3 MBiol students, and some research assistants. If you would like to join my team, please contact me with your CV and a one-page document stating your research interests and match to my research group.

Selected academic roles:

Honorary affiliations:

  • Adjunct Professor at the College of Pastoral and Agriculture Science and Technology, Lanzhou University, China
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E: rob.salguero@biology.ox.ac.uk

+44 01865 (2) 71188



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