Rhys Inward

Research Interests

My pronouns are he/him

I am currently a research assistant at the Department of Biology, University of Oxford. My research focuses on using a range of computational and statistical tools, predominately utilising phylogenetics, to uncover key epidemiolocal parameters, the dynamics of viral evolution, and mapping viral spread throughout space and time. I am particularly interested in how different sub-sampling strategies can affect the robustness of estimations derived from genomic data. I currently write all my code within R and have an interest in learning new computational languages such as Python and JavaScript. Beyond my academic work, I have a PGCert in philosophy from the University of Cambridge and sing with the chapel choir at St Peter’s College. I also hold roles within the James Lind Alliance and the NIHR HPRU EZI focussed on improving patient public involvement and engagement. I completed my BSc in Infectious Diseases at the University of Edinburgh and my MSc in Epidemiology at Imperial College London.