Ramesh Wilson

Research Interests

My pronouns are he/him

Anthropogenic stressors, such as climate change and pollution, are rapidly eroding natural ecosystems. Understanding the effects of these stressors, individually, and in various combinations, is imperative for the prediction, management, and mitigation of impacts. Multiple stressor impacts on marine benthic and intertidal ecosystems are particularly understudied, despite the range of ecosystem functions and services they provide.

I am to disentangle the effects of these impacts on both intertidal and benthic communities. Using in situ passive warming plates at different proximities to wastewater releases and stable isotope analysis, I will investigate how temperature and pollution affect the community composition and food webs of intertidal species in the UK and globally. Additionally, using experimental mesocosms, I will investigate how stressors including pollution, temperature, and nanoparticles, impact benthic bivalve communities, with a focus on bivalve filtration impacts, functional responses and community composition. I aim to propagate further multiple stressor research into understudied marine systems, and develop replicable methods for global, long-term data collection.

Contact Details
E: ramesh.wilson@env-res.ox.ac.uk
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