Professor Hugh Dickinson

Research Interests

The genetics and epigenetic programming of reproductive cell lineages

We aim to understand how small RNAs, histone modifications and methylation pathways establish the chromatin ‘landscape’ of the Arabidopsis reproductive cell lineage, and how this landscape impacts the traditional genetic processes (meiosis and gametophytic cell specification) that regulate gamete formation. This research is focused on both male and female ‘germlines’ and is carried out in collaboration with William Bezodis, and Xiaoqi Feng (John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK), and Marta Mendez and Lucia Colombo (Milan, Italy).

As Chair of the 'not for profit' Annals of Botany Company I am committed to affordable, peer reviewed publication of the best plant science.

For more general biographical information, see Dickinson, H.G. (2016) Current Biology 26: pp R261- 263. doi:

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