Mayuri Chopra

Research Interests

My pronouns are she/her

My research interests include devising solutions for illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade in elasmobranchs. I am especially interested in designing practical interventions in conservation that include and value the voices of the fisher communities amongst other stakeholders. As a DPhil student in the MCEM group, I will be assessing the trade and consumption of manta and devil rays and identifying the socio-economic linkages of the fishery with fisher communities in India. This new understanding will inform interventions to improve the welfare of fisheries-dependent communities, while ensuring a sustainable future for mobulid populations. The findings from this study will serve as a blueprint for assessment and management change in other developing countries that harvest mobulids—helping mobulid populations worldwide.

Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship for Academic Excellence Scheme, Rajasthan State Government, Government of India

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