Laura Warmuth

Research Interests

My pronouns are she/her

I joined the Environmental Research NERC DTP for my DPhil project on coral reef connectivity in the Indian Ocean. Before coming to Oxford, I studied Biology at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen in Germany and moved closer to the water afterwards to study Marine Biology and Ecology at James Cook University in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Hooked on coral reefs and climate change I pursued a Master’s in Tropical Marine Biology at the University of Essex in the UK. My interests in modelling coral distribution and climate change scenarios led to a Research Associate position at the Duke University Marine Laboratory in North Carolina working on ecological and social impacts of marine protected areas. Now back in the UK, my research aims to develop a better understanding of coral reef connectivity in the Indian Ocean by linking reef resilience to climate and connectivity patterns and building connectivity models for the Chagos Archipelago, one of the world’s largest no-take marine reserves.

Additional affiliations

NERC Environmental Research DTP
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

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