Joseph Poore

Research Interests

Joseph’s research seeks to increase our understanding of the environmental impacts of agriculture and create solutions to mitigate these impacts.

He is currently Co-Investigator along with E.J. Milner-Gulland on the HESTIA project at the Oxford Martin Programme on Food Sustainability Analytics. HESTIA is a data platform that enables researchers and producers to store the environmental impacts of different products and production practices in an open, transparent, and consistent way. The platform aims to make significant progress on sharing the latest agronomic science with food producers globally, supporting science based reductions in food’s environmental impacts. The platform also provides an open-source environmental science toolkit, enabling farmers and others to calculate their environmental impacts, benchmark these impacts against peers and research data, and receive advice on how to reduce impacts. Using randomised controlled trials in multiple countries, the project is testing how effective the toolkit is at changing farmer behaviour and increasing sustainability.

Joseph earned his MA and M.Phil from the University of Cambridge. Following that he worked for four years in management consulting in London. He completed a NERC funded D.Phil in the Department of Biology at Oxford on the environmental impacts of agriculture.