Joe Woodman

Research Interests

I have broad interests in animal behaviour, ecology and evolution.

I completed my BA in Biological Sciences and I am currently studying a DPhil project that aims to understand the consequences of age structure on natural populations. I will undertake fieldwork on the wild bird (Paridae) community in Wytham Woods, revealing how age structure affects individual level processes in wild populations, such as behaviour, dispersal, social structure, life history and natural selection. Additionally, I will use the long-term data recorded on the wild birds, habitat and food source phenology in Wytham to test the hypothesis that differences in such individual level processes are predictable and correlate with population age-structure.

My project will make data, theoretical and conceptual contributions to the field of biological research. The data I collect will add to that of the long-term study conducted by the Edward Grey Institute, and will additionally ask questions of general relevance in the broader fields of biology.

Contact Details