Dr Hollie Booth

Research Interests

I recently completed my DPhil on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Shark and Ray Conservation, with a particular focus on small-scale fisheries in Indonesia. The overarching aim of the DPhil was to contribute to more effective design of marine conservation interventions, which can simultaneously deliver conservation outcomes for sharks (with a particular focus on threatened species) and well-being outcomes for people (with a particular focus on vulnerable coastal communities). I used methods from biological and social sciences to investigate the key socio-economic drivers of shark fishing and barriers to pro-conservation behaviour, and to design conservation approaches and financing mechanisms together with fishers and other stakeholders.

With a fellowship from the Oxford Policy Engagement Network (OPEN) I am now working with government and community partners to apply my research findings to policy and management. Based on the results of my DPhil I am to pilot and evaluate incentive-based approaches to marine megafauna conservation, to deliver positive outcomes for marine biodiversity and human well-being in coastal communities. Beyond sharks and rays, I am generally interested in links between conservation and human well-being, designing and testing the effectiveness of conservation interventions, wildlife trade, and equitable & cost-effective nature conservation

Contact Details
E: hollie.booth@biology.ox.ac.uk
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