Guilherme Costa Alvarenga

Research Interests

The last seven years I have been involved with carnivore conservation, mainly focused on jaguars in the Amazon Forest. During my doctorate, I intent to expand this, combining three areas of knowledge - movement ecology, human-carnivore conflict, and landscape analysis – developing the first landscape ecological modelled assessment of jaguar population connectivity across the entire geographical range of the species. Landscape modelling based on empirical data, such as GPS-collared animals, are important tools to understand how animals interact with the habitat and, for consequence, to direct conservation actions. My PhD proposal, for instance, seeks to reduce anthropogenic impacts on jaguar populations by enlightening core jaguar habitats and key dispersal corridors, as well as testing how future human-induced alterations in the habitat may impact the species on the whole Continent.

Also affiliated with Mamirauá Institute for Sustainable Development, Tefé, Amazonas, Brazil