Francisco Navarro Rosales

Research Interests

My pronouns are he/him

My research goals are understanding and solving ecological and conservation issues relating to the fields of plant ecology and global change. My topics of interest include – but are not restricted to – anthropogenic effects on ecological dynamics, plant conservation within human landscapes, land abandonment, rewilding, and plant-animal interactions. My doctoral research is focused on investigating the changes of tropical forest productivity dynamics in the face of global change. I will be studying changes in tree population, growth and carbon fluxes as a result of fire and extreme drought events, focusing on savannas and woodlands within the Brazilian Cerrado and on tropical rainforests in Borneo. I will explore ecosystem change induced by climate variability using long-term data from the Sabah Biodiversity Experiment led by Prof. Andy Hector. I will also be describing changes in the carbon cycle of the Cerrado as a researcher within the CERFogo Project, which is coordinated by my co-supervisor, Dr Imma Oliveras Menor, and by Prof. Maria Antonia Carniello from the Universidade do Estado de Mato Grosso, Brazil. During my doctoral studies I aim to gain further expertise on plant traits, functional ecology, statistical methodologies and quantitative analyses, as well as on social aspects of biodiversity conservation and global change.