Dr Susan Canney

Research Interests

These are centred on conservation biology and the use of spatial techniques for:

  • Understanding human impact on (and interaction with) ecosystems and wildlife
  • Resolving human-wildlife conflict
  • Planning and implementation of conservation strategy and management
  • Participatory approaches to conservation management
  • Member of the Conservation and Science Committee of the Sahara Conservation Fund

Additional Information

  • Mali Elephant Project - an innovative approach to elephant conservation through engagement with the wider social-ecological system - ongoing (The Wild Foundation, Oxford Tracking Group, Save the Elephants) see 10 minute Tedx talk at the link below
  • Spatial analysis of ecological data for participatory park management in the Rodna Mountains, Romania (Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography)
  • Managed Elephant Range Scenario Planning research in Aceh, Indonesia (Flora & Fauna International)
  • Africa-wide spatial modelling of lion distribution (Wildlife Conservation Research Unit)
  • Impacts of cumulative ecosystem change on wild-dog energy budgets & persistence (Wildlife Conservation Research Unit)
  • Rewilding feasibility scenarios in Scotland (Wildlife Conservation Research Unit)
  • Understanding forest ecology and conservation in and around the Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand (Elephant Conservation Network and the Zoological Society of London)