Dr Peter Mulhair

Research Interests

My research interests are primarily focused on molecular evolution, comparative genomic analyses, and phylogenetics.

Specifically I am interested in how genes and genomes evolve over time in animals, and how the underlying genetic makeup relates to the diversity we see today. Understanding how genes evolve is also key to elucidating how animals have adapted to their specific niches. I completed my PhD in 2020, which was primarily focused on analysing the role of gene fusion events in novel gene genesis across animal evolution. I also assessed the accuracy of orthology detection and its effects on resolving remaining phylogenetic questions in the Animal Tree of Life. I am currently working as part of the Darwin Tree of Life project, annotating and analysing genes in arthropod genomes. Our aim is to investigate the role of sequence evolution, gene gain and loss, and dynamics in genome evolution, to see how specific orders of arthropods have adapted in response to environmental factors.

Additional Affiliations

Welcome Trust Darwin Tree of Life Project

Contact Details
E: peter.mulhair@biology.ox.ac.uk
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