Dr Paul Johnson

Research Interests

Since joining the WildCRU in 1992, I have had an input to many WildCRU projects tackling a wide range of issues in global conservation biology.

I have been particularly involved with farmland and wildlife in the UK, exploring how biodiversity is affected by modern farming practices. Much of this work has been summarised in several chapters in the two-volume book (edited by David Macdonald and Ruth Feber), which synthesize the WildCRU’s agro-ecology studies over the last 25 years (Wildlife Conservation on Farmland two-volume book set [view the volumes here]).

A number of recent projects I have worked on have, in line with recent research priorities in the group, been aimed at tackling human-wildlife conflicts surrounding large carnivores. I was part of the WildCRU team assisting the WildCRU’s Director to prepare a report on Trophy Hunting, requested by the UK Government in response to the publicity surrounding the death of the lion Cecil in the summer of 2015.

I teach a course in statistical analysis methods to the students on the WildCRU post-graduate diploma course, and I am a retained lecturer in Quantitative Methods at Pembroke College, Oxford University.

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