Dr Martin Speight

Research Interests

I am interested in tropical ecology & entomology and carry out research on various aspects of coral reef ecology, tropical marine reserve establishment and impacts, coastal zone ecology and management, tropical forest insect biodiversity and habitat change. Recent, current and planned projects include Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Sudan, Seychelles, Tanzania (Zanzibar), Mozambique, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico and Honduras.

Particular topics include the epidemiology and ecology of coral diseases in the Caribbean, larval fish recruitment to mangroves and reefs in Mesoamerica, ontogenetic behaviour of fish in BVI, marine protected area (MPA) compliance with management goals in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, fish population ecology associated with MPAs in East Africa, ant communities in managed tropical forests in Western Kenya, insect biodiversity in Sudanese acacias, and tropical rainforest forest management and impacts on insect diversity in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah.

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