Dr Marcel Bach Pages

Research Interests

I focus on the study of RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) in plants, with the aim to understand the repertoire of RBPs involved in in plant immunity and their role in plant defence responses against pathogens.

RNA-Binding Proteins have emerged as master regulators of gene expression and are essential for cellular RNA homeostasis.

Upon pathogen attack, the transcriptome and proteome of plants changes dramatically as plant defences are induced and some RBPs have been shown to be important players orchestrating these changes. We aim to dissect, in a comprehensive manner, the role of RNA-binding proteins in plant immunity using the cutting-edge technique ‘RNA interactome capture’.


Contact Details
E: marcel.bachpages@biology.ox.ac.uk

+44 1865 275122 (office)

+44 1865 275811 (lab)

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