Dr Jorgelina Marino

Research Interests

I am interested in the ecology of mammals, particularly of specialized organisms with restricted distributions. My research focuses on carnivores and spans across ecology and sociobiology, spatial ecology, population dynamics, wildlife monitoring and human-wildlife conflicts, mainly in Africa and South America. 

My current work is concerned with the impacts and control of viral diseases, particularly rabies in Ethiopian wolves, and the conservation of species threatened by land use and climate change in mountains, involving protected areas and local communities. 

I am the Science Director of the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme and have been at WildCRU since 1999. I am a tutor for the PG Diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practice taught at WildCRU and supervise various PhD and Master students within the University and abroad. I coordinate the Ethiopian Wolf Working Group of the IUCN SSC Canid Specialist Group since 2005.

Group Members