Dr Jeremy Brice

Research Interests

Jeremy is a human geographer and sociologist working within the Wellcome Trust funded Livestock, Environment & People (LEAP) project’s ‘Enabling Change’ team. Jeremy’s current work examines the role of metrics and benchmarking techniques in configuring public debates over the sustainability, ethics and health impacts of intensive animal (especially poultry) farming and in driving change in meat production systems.

Jeremy’s research interests centre on the role of markets, technologies and expert knowledges in governing global agri-food systems, and on the environmental and economic transformations associated with change in the spaces and practices of food provisioning. These concerns originate in his doctoral research, which explored how changing relationships between provenance and quality have reshaped both the economic geographies of the Australian wine industry and wine producers’ relationships with viticultural environments.

More recent projects at Newcastle University and at LSE (where he holds a Visiting Fellowship in Economic Sociology) have focused on the anticipation of future crises and the governance of risk within transnational food supply networks and on the role of digital platforms in reconfiguring economies, cultures and infrastructures of urban food provisioning. Jeremy’s research has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the British Academy and the Food Standard Agency.


Contact Details
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