Dr Ben Jenkins

Research Interests

My research theme is endosymbiosis – more specifically, I want to understand the RNA and protein factors that influence the fate of an endosymbiotic interaction.

I work with the single-celled endosymbiotic ciliate, Paramecium bursaria, and use a combination of functional genomics, RNA-interference mediated gene knock-down, RNA sequencing, and proteomics to answer these questions. At present, I am developing a protocol of high-throughput RNAi knock-down that will allow us to identify the host genes that maintain the interaction between P. bursaria and its algal endosymbiont.

In addition, I am investigating how RNA-interactions can promote stability of the P. bursaria-algal system, by facilitating a cost to host fitness for endosymbiont digestion. Such a cost would effectively sanction misbehaviour, and thus encourage cooperation.

Additional Affiliations

European Research Council


Contact Details
E: ben.jenkins@biology.ox.ac.uk
T: 07377064272
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