Denise Wawman

Research Interests

The main aim of my postgraduate research, supervised by Professor Ben Sheldon and Dr Adrian L. Smith, is to investigate the role of flat/louse flies (Diptera: Hippoboscidae) as vectors of avian disease. The first step is to update the distribution and phenology of this neglected group of ectoparasites, using specimens collected by BTO bird ringers acting as expert citizen scientists for the “2021 Mapping the UK’s Flat Flies Project” and data obtained in my role as the National Recorder for Hippoboscidae (flat flies and keds). I took the long road to reach this stage in my career: graduating from the University of Leicester in 1990 with the degrees MB ChB and working as an NHS General Practitioner. After becoming a licensed bird ringer in 2007, I became interested in avian parasitology and anthropogenic effects on the ecology of terrestrial species.