Daniel Villar

Research Interests

I am a behavioural ecologist and conservation biologist interested in how people, animals, and landscapes change as they interact with each other. At the moment I am studying the conservation of the Lake Titicaca Grebe (Rolandia microptera), an understudied endemic EDGE species only found in the Lake Titicaca basin. As part of this project, I am integrating ethnobiological, behavioural, political, and historic elements of the bird and its landscapes to attempt to have a more holistic conservation program for it. Previously, I have done work in behavioural ecology of North American field crickets under Nathan Bailey at the University of St. Andrews, paleoecology of Nicaragua under Will Harvey and Elizabeth Jeffers here at Oxford, and phylogenetics of mollusks under Jerry Harasewych at the Smithsonian.

Additional Affiliations

Ethno-ornithology World Atlas