Dr Daniel Hending

Research Interests

My pronouns are he/him

I am a Research Fellow at the Nature-based Solutions Initiative, where I work on the Flourishing Landscapes Programme (FLP). The FLP addresses the triple challenge of livelihoods, climate change, and biodiversity loss at tropical forest frontiers, and I am currently leading ecology research in agricultural-forest matrix landscapes in two biodiversity hotspots: 1) cacao agroecosystems in the Ashanti Region of Ghana (Guinean Forests of West Africa), and 2) coffee agroecosystems in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam (Indo-Burma).

My wider scientific research interests are broad, and I have worked on projects within the fields of animal behaviour, conservation, ecology, environmental science, and evolution. I am particularly interested in how organisms respond to environmental changes such as habitat fragmentation and degradation, agricultural expansion, and climate change. Additionally, I am interested in the application of bioacoustics and other remote sensing techniques for non-invasive biodiversity assessment at the ecosystem level.

In parallel to my research roles, I am an Associate Editor for multiple scientific journals, a participating member in the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group Madagascar Section, an Explorer for the National Geographic Society, and a member of the British Ecological Society, Society for Experimental Biology, and the UK Bioacoustics Special Interest Group.

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