Our Students & Facilities

Thinking of studying Biology at Oxford? Hear what the course has to offer, from the perspective of current students:



At Oxford, our students not only have the privilege of being taught by world-leading experts in their field, but they also have the opportunity to study amongst some remarkable facilities. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Field courses

At the end of first year we take all of our biologists on a week-long field course to Pembrokshire, Wales. Day by day, the students rotate around different field sites on the rocky shore, sand dunes, dense forest and woodland and set up experimental designs to compare and contrast the range of organisms across each environment. This hands-on field work allows the students to apply all of the ecological knowledge and skill sets provided to them during the first year of teaching in Oxford.


The facilities here, both educational and recreational, are amazing: extensively equipped laboratories and lecture theatres and opportunities for almost any extracurricular activity you could think of. Applying is one of the best decisions I have ever made and the range of opportunities is vast.

The breadth and potential depth of what you get to learn makes every day different; in the morning I could be learning about the genetics behind tomato domestication, go off to dissect a dogfish and then spend the afternoon being lectured on the evolution of birds from dinosaurs.