Branding Toolkit

Use the links below to download Department of Biology branded materials

Additional branding materials can be supplied on request. Please contact

Main logo: Departmental logo on its own, for use on light backgrounds

Lockup: Departmental and University of Oxford logos, used on light backgrounds

Lockup with keyline: Departmental and University of Oxford logos, used on dark backgrounds

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PowerPoint template (plain, no images)

PowerPoint template (with images)

Word template (Foundry Sterling) - NB this is the University's custom font, that you must download here first.

Word template (PT Sans) - NB this font is already installed on all Microsoft software automatically

uoo biologylogo buddleia butterfly

Primary logo - with image (buddleia example)


uoo biologylogo green

Logo - plain, no image (example)


uoo biologylogo green lockup

Primary logo - lockup (example)

uoo biologylogo green lockup keyline example

Primary logo - lockup with keyline (example)