New appointments at the Department of Zoology and the Department of Plant Sciences


Prof Tim Barraclough has taken up the post of APTF in Evolutionary Biology in association with Magdalen College. Joining us from Imperial College London, Tim’s work combines theory with experimental, molecular, genomic and field approaches across a range of organisms.




Dr Michelle Jackson has taken up the post of APTF in Freshwater or Marine Ecology in associate with Somerville College. Also joining us from Imperial College London, Michelle’s research broadly focuses on two areas of interest: the impact of global environmental change in freshwater ecosystems, and the application of stable isotope analysis to answer ecological questions.




Dr Steve Kelly has taken up the post of APTF in Plant Sciences in association with The Queen's College where he will be a colleague of Dr Lindsay Turnbull. Steve's research group studies photosynthesis, answering questions about how it evolved, how it works, and how it is controlled. They study this to help enable sustainable food production for the future




Dr Sarah Knowles has taken up the post of APTF in Ecosystem Biology in association with Keble College. Already based at the Department of Zoology, Sarah’s research focuses on the mammalian microbiome in the wild, using wild mice and other rodents as model systems to study what shapes the microbiome in natural settings as well as how it impacts the host.




Dr Francesco Licausi  will be taking up the post of APTF in Plant Sciences in association with Wadham College in January 2020. Francesco is moving from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa and his research focuses on oxygen sensing in plants and the role of oxygen in determining meristem activity and cell identity.





Prof Tom Richards will take up the post of APTF in Zoology in association with Merton College. Previously working at the University of Exeter, aim of Tom’s research is to understand the evolution and diversification of eukaryotes.






Dr Berta Verd will take up the post of APTF in Computational/Theoretical Biology in association with Jesus College. Berta is coming from the University of Cambridge, where she combines experimental and dynamical modelling approaches to understand neuromesodermal progenitor competence and differentiation in zebrafish embryos.