Local Oxfordshire schools provide zoological artwork

We are completely delighted with the results of our outreach activity with local Oxfordshire schools to create artwork for our Zoology Research and Administration Building.

The eight pieces, now hanging in the main stairwell of the Department, were contributed by Magdalen College School, St Edward's School and Cheney School. The students were asked to create works depicting the breadth of research themes across Zoology: BehaviourEcology and ConservationEvolution and Development and Infectious Disease

From L to R, the pieces are:

  1. Bees (#1) by Lotus Cooper, India Flowers, Mandy Liang (Year 12 students at St Edward’s School)
  2. Bees (#2) by Cleo Bates, Alanna McCrum, Tom Magnusson (Year 12 students at St Edward’s School)
  3. Diseases: Absolute Magnification by Year 8 pupils at Cheney School
  4. Coral: Beautiful Disaster by Year 8 pupils at Cheney School, and photographed by Ruby Sherrington Smith
  5. Corpus marinum by Jonny Fox (Year 12 student at Magdalen College School)
  6. E. Coli by Tahmid Azan, Joey Chataway, Gabriel Esteban (Year 9 pupils at Magdalen College School)
  7. Microbiomes by Archie White (Year 8 pupil at Magdalen College School)
  8. Mosquito by Archie Cave (Year 10 pupil at Magdalen College School)

With special thanks to Dr Chris Otley from Magdalen College School who so kindly acted as the central coordinator for this project.