Dr Annette Fayet announced as a Sky Ocean Rescue Scholar

Congratulations to Dr Annette Fayet who was today announced as one of three Sky Ocean Rescue Scholars!  As part of Sky’s unique scholarship programme, which gives financial, development support and media training to high potential young people, Sky Ocean Rescue is partnering with National Geographic to give 3 scholars the opportunity to drive research that will raise awareness of the issues surrounding ocean health and advance our knowledge of the ocean.

Sky Ocean Rescue and National Geographic will offer the young innovators, who are passionate about our oceans, support and mentoring with marine-based research projects. Dr. Jonathan Baillie, Chief Scientist at National Geographic said:  "For more than 130 years, National Geographic has been supporting innovative explorers like Jacques Cousteau and Sylvia Earle. We are thrilled to be working with Sky to continue to identify and nurture the next generation of ocean ambassadors."

Dr Annette Fayet, a Junior Research Fellow in the Department has been awarded this scholarship for her project 'Why are puffins going extinct?' 

Annette’s, current research project is combining innovative technology with machine learning to find out what is causing puffin populations to continually decline, a critical step towards saving this endangered seabird.

“My methods could be applied to a large range
 of seabirds,” explains Fayet, “so they should help to inform effective conservation measures for many vulnerable species.”

“I am delighted and honored to be a Sky Ocean Rescue Scholar”, when being asked about collaborating with Sky Scholarships. “As marine biologists we have a responsibility to convey our results to the public to make everyone aware of the threats faced by the ocean – and the Sky Ocean Rescue Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity to let more people know about the importance of seabirds and the threats they face”.