Department of Biology launches at the University of Oxford

On the 1 August 2022 the Department of Zoology and Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford officially merge to become the new Department of Biology at the University of Oxford.

This is a significant moment for the University, as two departments with histories of landmark academic breakthroughs and forward-thinking teaching combine to create a new department with interdisciplinary, collaborative opportunities.

The new Department of Biology aims to explore the breadth and diversity of life on earth at multiple scales. It builds on a history of high quality researchers, staff and students, and will continue to inform and shape the direction of international bioscience research and policy. 

It also provides holistic training in how to be a biologist of the future, and tackle universal challenges such as global pandemics, threats to biodiversity and feeding a growing population. Read more about our Biology courses on our website here

The new department has grouped its academic communities into five broad themes which represent the key strengths of the Biology research at Oxford:
•    Behaviour & Biomechanics
•    Ecology & Conservation
•    Evolutionary Biology
•    Microbiology & Infectious Disease
•    Molecular Plant Biology

You can read more about these research themes on our website here.

Professors EJ Milner-Gulland and Mark Fricker, joint Heads of the Department of Biology, said: 

“The novel science undertaken by the Department of Biology will further understanding of the complexities, interactions and evolution of life on our planet, by answering fundamental scientific questions and tackling global challenges in Biology.” 

The new Department of Biology will take advantage of cutting edge facilities and a wide range of local, national and international partnerships. The Department of Biology encompasses the following sites and affiliated entities:

•    Department of Biology, Mansfield Road (formally the Zoology Research and Administration Building)
•    Department of Biology, South Parks Road (formally the Department of Plant Sciences)
•    John Krebs Field Station, Wytham
•    Oxford Natural History Museum 
•    Oxford Botanic Gardens and Harcourt Arboretum
•    Wytham Woods
•    The Oxford Herbarium

If you have any enquiries in regards to the new department, please contact