A UNIQ experience for budding biologists

Our UNIQ Biology summer school 2018 was a huge success! We were delighted to be joined by 20 young and enthusiastic budding biologists from across the UK for a week’s immersive experience into the life and study of an Oxford biologist.

Guided by the newly-graduated Amelia and Charlotte, our UNIQ students spent the week in Brasenose and Univ Colleges and had the chance to explore the city by night. During the days, the students were exposed to all of the wonderful facilities that our undergraduate biologists have at their fingertips – the Museum of Natural History, the Botanic Garden, Wytham Woods, and our new teaching laboratories to name but a few. 

Particular highlights of the week included the interactive tutorial sessions (discussing everything from B-movies to bees), being privy to the Oxford interview process, catching and releasing the world-famous Wytham tits, and studying plants to cell level using state of the art confocal microscopy*.

My favourite activities were the tutorials, mock interviews and practicals. I felt like these gave me the best idea of what Oxford student life is like. They were also very comforting because I found them interesting and easy to understand. That made me feel like I could fit in at Oxford.

To read more about the UNIQ summer schools, and to find out when applications for 2019 open, visit here. 

* to see some incredible time lapse photography from the confocal microscopy, click here.



After taking part in this weeks' lectures and tutorials, my curiosity and passion for biology has been reinforced, reminding me of why I fell in love with biology in the first place. I have never felt so motivated! 

Visiting Wytham Woods was fascinating to see/hear about some of the projects that Oxford students have the opportunity to do and it made me very excited to do my own one day.