Admissions & Applications


Each year, we receive many more applications to read Biology than the number of places we can offer, and so we cannot interview everyone who applies. We therefore shortlist applications with the aim of interviewing those who display the greatest potential as biologists in their UCAS form. So, if you have achieved a strong run of GCSE grades (or equivalent), by which we simply mean one of the top sets of grades within your own school, and you have a deep interest in Biology, then we will want to see you at interview. However, please ask your teacher to put your grades in context in their UCAS reference, and do tell us about your scientific interests in your personal statement.

We take account of the full range of information available to us at shortlisting, including information about school performance and on any specific factors affecting achievement. So if you think you meet our admissions criteria then it is always worth applying. And, if you've already taken your A-levels (or equivalent), we will usually interview you if you have met our standard offer and also display the deep interest in Biology that we always look for.

Applications for Oxford are received through UCAS in much the same way as for other UK Universities – see the UCAS website for more details.

Admissions Talk slides (PDF)

Entry Requirements

The A-level admission requirement is A*AA, with the A* in a Science or a Mathematics. A-level Biology (or equivalent) will be required and a second A-level (or equivalent) must be in Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics.

See a full list of 'subjects in which an A* grade will be acceptable'.

The requirement for the International Baccalaureate is total score of at least 39 points including core points, with 7 at the Higher level in Mathematics or a science (preferably Biology). Other equivalent international qualifications are also accepted.

For details, please see the University pages on international qualifications.



The deadline for applications to Oxford is the 15th October. On the basis of your UCAS form, you may be called for interview in December by the tutor of your chosen college. This is usually for admission the following October, but you may also submit a deferred application for the following year.

The Oxford application process is all about showing your passion for biology and critical thinking skills so my top tip would be not to hold back; develop and show off your ideas, opinions and inspirations at every stage, there’s nothing to lose if you do.

- Josh, student