The Department of Zoology and the Department of Plant Sciences would like to make contact with former undergraduate and postgraduate students. These include students who took degrees in Biological Sciences, Zoology, Botany, Pure & Applied Biology, Agriculture & Forest Sciences, and others, as well former as MSc and DPhil students.

Biology Alumni Day 2015

The two departments produce an annual newsletter ‘Biology@Oxford’:

If you would like a hard copy of the newsletter please email us at with the details of your name and postal address.

If your contact details are already held by the University of Oxford Alumni Office, you will receive notification of these and other relevant activities. It is simple to register or update your details at


On 20 February 2012 a one-day event was held to commemorate the work of former Head of Department Professor J.W.S Pringle. The event was attended by around 40 former students and colleagues of Professor Pringle, and over 100 current members of the Department.

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