Laura Guillardin Calvo

Research Interests

Focusing both the final BSc and MSc thesis in genetic bioinformatics methods, I acquired skills in forest genomic data analysis and data processing tools.

As Cloud Analytics employee I learned how to deal with BigData projects in different scenarios. Currently, the purpose of my DPhil project is to assess the genetic effects of applying Continuous Cover Forestry approach in non-native conifer UK populations. The increasing concern for the future adaptability of forests to new and probably more intense disturbances along with a current policy promoting forests that support a full range of ecosystem services are leading to changes in forestry management.

Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) is an approach to forest management based on the development of diverse stand structures composed of a mixture of species, managing the ecosystem rather than the trees and encouraging natural regeneration.

The main objective of my project is to seek how the transmission of the gene pool from canopy trees to the next generation may affect the genetic diversity of future forest stands.

Additional Affiliations

My DPhil is supported by the John Oldacre Foundation.