Dr Żaneta Kaszta

Research Interests

My area of interest is pretty wide and covers e.g.: remote sensing, GIS, landscape pattern analysis, landscape connectivity, modelling of animals movement and disease transmission.

I graduated from MSc in Environmental Biology and MSc in Remote Sensing and GIS at Jagiellonian University in Poland and I’m very interested in bringing remote sensing and GIS tools to answer wildlife conservation problems.

My DPhil thesis carried at Université Libre in Brussels focused on using fine-scale satellite imagery to deliver data on vegetation quality and quantity in order to model foot-and mouth disease transmission between cattle and African buffalo in South Africa.

Further on, in collaboration with University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban), I also studied temporal variations in African elephant movement in Kruger National Park (South Africa). Within the project I analysed temporal differences in elephants’ path selection and variables limiting this selection across the year and across various spatial scales.

At WildCRU I am a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in landscape ecology mainly involved in range-wide programme of research on clouded leopard (amongst several other felids) across South East Asia. The ultimate goal of this study is to use connectivity modelling to contribute to clouded leopard conservation plans under a range of planning scenarios. This will be achieved by developing a species conservation planning tool (GIS-toolkit) for national and trans-boundary regions across the range of both the Sunda and mainland clouded leopard.

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