Dr Richard K Broughton

Research Interests

I have broad research interests in landscape ecology and the behaviour of birds and mammals. I’m particularly interested in woodland and forest habitats, including the fragmented woodlands of Britain and the old-growth Białowieża Forest in Poland. I am also interested in farmland habitats, especially hedgerows and agri-environmental schemes for conserving birds and mammals. Much of my work involves the use of GIS and remote sensing datasets (e.g. LiDAR, Sentinel, UAV), and combining these with field data to understand ecosystems and species distributions.

A major part of my research has been overseeing or collaborating on long-term studies of woodland birds, notably Marsh Tits, Willow Tits and Wood Warblers, to understand their ecology and population declines. I am also active in long-term studies of natural regeneration of woodland and shrubland for passive rewilding. I have further interests in species interactions, particularly between nesting birds and insects (bees, wasps, ants), and the ecosystem impacts of invasive species, especially Grey Squirrels and Red-billed Leiothrix. Other areas of research include the efficacy of wildlife corridors and the effects of SGAR rodenticides on birds of prey.