Dr Qingling Wu

Research Interests

As a computer scientist and geographer by training, I am interested in applying my skills to help support the mitigation of, as well as adaptation to, the growing impact of climate change on global food security. Measuring the environmental impact of agriculture is an essential step towards this goal. In the recent years, I have used satellite data and other geospatial data to monitor crop growth and help predict crop yield, with the aim of fostering food security in developing countries. This work focused on data analysis and modelling efforts, tailored to the monitoring of winter wheat and maize crops planted in the North China Plain and in Northern Ghana, wherein issues of food security and agricultural sustainability are deeply intertwined with pervasive rural poverty. This project has helped to build local capacity in the use of Earth Observation for crop monitoring, and was showcased at the COP26 conference in Glasgow. Beyond monitoring crop growth, I am also interested in helping to quantify the environmental impact of farming activities in a multidimensional manner, by examining the combination of GHG emissions, soil degradation, land use change, biodiversity impacts, and other issues. My research agenda for the next few years will be centred on building and enhancing HESTIA’s software capabilities in this area, with the aiming of providing advice to farmers and growers on how to improve their sustainability.