Dr Prue Addison

Research Interests

I am a conservation scientist passionate about applying practical scientific approaches to address environmental challenges. I collaborate internationally with government agencies, NGOs and the private sector on biodiversity and ocean management and policy projects.

Most of my work has been associated with the ocean, following my dream of becoming a marine scientist when I was eight years old. My career began with a strong ecological focus, investigating the dynamics of rocky intertidal reef communities in Australia. Since then my research has evolved considerably and I now work as a conservation scientist facilitating the improved use of scientific approaches in biodiversity and ocean conservation.

I spend a lot of my time conducting translational research with governments, NGOs and business on conservation projects. I use interdisciplinary methods to develop practical approaches that help create transparent and scientifically robust solutions in their conservation projects. I frame a lot of my research using structured decision-making, which helps provide a rigorous process to guide decision-makers and stakeholders through complex environmental decisions. This involves a series of steps and a large toolbox of available techniques to help incorporate both scientific evidence and human values into decision-making, acknowledging that environmental decision-making is not a value-free process.