Dr Paris Stefanoudis

Research Interests

I am a marine biologist fascinated by the largest environment on planet Earth: the oceans.

My general research interests lie in documenting the distribution patterns of marine life in the oceans and identifying the underlying environmental factors shaping those. Part of my research portfolio has included biodiversity assessments of ultra-deep underwater mountains in the NE Atlantic, shallow and deep water reef biodiversity in Bermuda, conservation of threatened species and plastic pollution in the Thames Estuary.

At present, I am a postdoctoral researcher of the Marine Ecology and Conservation Group at the Department of Zoology, working closely with the NGO Nekton. My main research focus lies in assessing biodiversity and faunal connectivity across depth and geography in tropical reef ecosystems, and assess the impact of human activities on them. For that, I am participating in a series of Missions in the Indian Ocean led by Nekton, known as First Descent: Indian Ocean 2019-2022.

In other capacities, I am the communications officer of the Deep-Sea Biology Society and part of the editorial team of the INDEEP/DOSI/DSBS-led newsletter Deep-Sea Life.