Dr José Lourenço

Research Interests

My D.Phil and first postdoctoral research projects were in the context of the population biology and control of dengue viruses, while my current research includes a wider variety of viruses such as HIV, ZIKV, WNV, FluA, and HBV; as well as Streptococcus pneumoniae. My overarching research interests are on the eco-evolutionary determinants of the population dynamics and population genetics of multi-strain pathogens. 

I am particularly keen in the application of mechanistic, dynamical models that allow for the interpretation of the biological system in terms of the individual behaviour and short-term evolution of both the host and pathogen. I use such dynamic models as well as machine learning techniques to test hypotheses on the origin of observed data patterns and to project the impact of control initiatives (e.g. vaccination) with the final aim of contributing to Public Health initiatives and Policy.  

Other functions

Editorial board member of Nature Scientific Reports (Infectious Diseases)

Open-source projects


MANTIS is the Multi-locus ANTIgenic Simulator, an R-package offering tools to simulate the transmission dynamics of multi-strain pathogens according to strain theory.

 Download MANTIS R Package



MVSE is the Mosquito-borne Viral Suitability index Estimator, an R-package offering tools to estimate the climate-driven transmission potential of a mosquito-borne pathogen.

Download MVSE



HBV control R-tool implements a dynamic model of HBV transmission recently developed to explore the likelihood of reaching elimination goals by 2030. This code allows to fit the model to prevalence data.

Download HBV interventions model