Dr Jennifer Lucey

Research Interests

I am a tropical biodiversity ecologist and my primary research interests are in understanding how biodiversity and ecosystem processes respond to human-modified landscapes with the aim of improving the management of these landscapes to maintain both biodiversity and socio-economic values. 

As a Knowledge Exchange Fellow my main role is to facilitate the uptake of science into policy to improve sustainability of tropical human-modified landscapes, with a particular focus on the oil palm industry. I work closely with a wide range of stakeholders in the industry from NGOs to oil palm growers,  to understand the science needs of policy-makers and to enable the access and use of the scientific evidence base to develop policy. 

I am also the programme manager for SEnSOR (Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Oil palm Research), a multi-disciplinary research programme designed to test the impact of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil: the leading certification standard for palm oil. (see web link under Contact Details for more details).