Dr Herizo Andrianandrasana

Research Interests

Herizo completed his Forest Engineer degree in 2000 and his DEA (MSc) on ecology and development in 2009 both with distinction at the Department of Forestry University of Antananarivo Madagascar. He also completed with distinction his Postgraduate diploma in international wildlife conservation practice at the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Department of Zoology University of Oxford in 2009.

Herizo is a conservation practitioner with interests in ecological monitoring and GIS. He devotes most of his time to designing methods of participatory ecological monitoring and identifying the best ways to achieve conservation success in developing countries such as Madagascar. He has worked for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Madagascar Programme as the coordinator of ecological monitoring and protected areas during the last 12 years. He is particularly involved in studying the role that can be played by local communities and stakeholders in conservation and monitoring towards better management of natural resources. His main concern is how to develop cost effective conservation programmes by integrating the community in efficient decision making. He is also interested in exploring the contribution that local community members can make in protecting ecosystem services in order to sustain social enterprises which could reduce poverty.